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With an average of 204 sunny days in Texas in the course of a year, millions of people periodically affected by power outages and electricity bills that are 20% higher compared to the national average, Texas residents could use an extra hand. Preparation for the unpredictable can be efficiently done with the help of solar panels and home batteries. They do not only offer 

enhanced protection during long outages, but they considerably cut the monthly energy costs. 

As the number one solar panel installation service in the Houston area, we service all neighborhoods and local communities with custom projects at affordable rates. Give us a call, let us know what your exact solar panel needs are and we will be more than happy to discuss all the details with you and schedule your project.

Solar Panels Installation

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Solar Panels Installation

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Why Do You Need Solar Panel Installation in Houston?  

Alternative Energy Sources Are a Must 

Houston hosts over 500 companies that explore and produce oil and gas, along with several hundreds of other companies related to the oil industry. This turns the Texan city into one of the biggest producers of oil on the planet, hence its “Energy Capital of the World” nickname. Nonetheless, the deep freeze and record snow amount that winter snowstorm Uri brought to Texas in February 2021, together with the coldest night in the last three decades in Houston put a lot of pressure on the region. The same phenomenon left millions of people in the cold and dark for several days while triggering electricity prices to spike by over 10,000%. 

Accordingly, Houston residents began searching for ways to protect their budget and homes while living a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Many of them started directing their attention toward solar panels. 


Solar Panel Installation Reduces the Greenhouse Effect

Another important reason why you should consider having solar panels installed by our pros is tied to the effects of this decision on greenhouse gasses. The generation of solar energy with the help of solar rays is a completely natural process. This means solar panels do not produce any gas or smoke residue or other forms of toxic waste. Most countries are currently striving to meet global climate commitments by cutting their emissions and greenhouse gasses. Joining the trend and jumping on the wagon by installing solar panels at home is one way of showing your support for this global initiative of saving our planet. 


Solar Energy Is Completely Free

As compared to using oil or coal to generate energy, using solar energy is extremely advantageous price-wise. Besides the initial installation costs and low maintenance requirements, the costs of using your own solar energy are close to zero. Plus, the standard requirements for solar energy panels are less demanding and laborious, since natural energy from the sun does not need to be polished or retrieved. No unnecessary transfers are needed towards your power stations. Most solar cells also have no problem withstanding the test of time and they come with a 25 to 30-year guarantee and an average lifespan of up to 60 years.


You Can Sell Solar Energy Back to the Grid

Provided your household can generate extra solar energy that you do not need to use on your own, you can either have it stored or sold back to the grid to make a profit. Your power company could send you monthly checks for all the excess solar energy you will send back to the grid. If you live in a neighborhood with lots of sunny days all year long, you could actually generate a constant extra income while also gaining more peace of mind knowing you are protected against power outages. 


Affordable Solar Panel Installation Services in Houston 

As the number one solar panel installation company in the region, we are here to guide your steps and help you make the switch to the solar power alternative. Our experts are here to help you pick the most suitable solutions for your custom needs, depending on the size of your home, its location in the Houston area, your budget, and other factors. 

The process begins with you sending us your information and exact customer requirements. Next, our technicians will set up a free, on-site consultation at your address to assess the exact situation and work out the best plans for you. They will offer you a custom solar panel installation proposal that will include all the necessary details, including the design size, financing, costs, and projected savings.

With Houston and other Texan cities turning into booming solar industries in the past few years, the total amount of solar power in the state is projected to double by the end of 2022. Get in touch with us and allow us to help you bring the stability and energy-saving solutions you deserve. We can help you considerably lower your monthly electricity bills while bringing your own contribution toward the protection of the environment. We specialize in solar panel installation solutions and we also tackle small repairs and any maintenance work you might need assistance with.


We offer free price estimates and the most affordable solar panel services in the Houston area. Call us today and let us schedule an appointment with our professional solar energy contractors. Start reaping the benefits of this alternative source of energy right now!