Outdoor Living Space Services Houston

Would you like to turn your backyard into a small slice of paradise? Can’t wait to relax by the pool, cook your favorite recipes in your new outdoor kitchen and spend your evenings in the barbeque area? Our landscaping experts have the right tools, skills, building materials, and excellent ideas to help design and build the best outdoor living spaces in Houston. 


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Why Hire Our Team?​

Why Hire Our Team?​


Outdoor Projets

We want to build you a Bdathroom that can perfectly match your style and reflect your personality while turning it into one of the most welcoming rooms in your home.


All Projects With Finesses

Our interior designers and general contractors are trained to finish all renovation projects with finesse. We always run that extra mile for our customers and make sure their unique, eclectic tastes and preferences are accurately reflected in their choice of flooring, countertops, or cabinetry.


We Do It All

Whether you are planning on turning a different room of the house into a bathroom and demolishing the old one, you want to merge two rooms and create a bigger space for your new bathroom.

Already Know What You Want? 

If you already know what your new outdoor living space should look like, get in touch with us and let us schedule our professional outdoor kitchen, paving, barbeque area, or pool area landscaping services for you. We specialize in the entire range of outdoor living space solutions ranging from outdoor kitchen installations that can perfectly match the design of your home to the outdoor fire pit, grill, pizza oven, barbeque installation services, cobblestone paving, and pool area solutions for complete outdoor setups. If you have something else in mind, we would be more than happy to listen to your ideas and provide you with the most reasonable prices that will match your budget. 


Looking for Outdoor Living Space Design Ideas? 

If you are still looking for fresh ideas and guidance or you want to know what are the latest trends in outdoor living space designs, we can assist you with the exact information and tips you need. 

It does not matter if you need to build a fresh deck for your patio, throw in some retaining walls or cobblestone paths or build a brand new paved courtyard from scratch. We can handle all that and more. Our landscaping experts have the expertise needed to build the most stylish pool, BBQ, and kitchen areas from scratch. They can also transform any existing outdoor space into the perfect outdoor living space to match your expectations. We can guide and assist you from start to finish, from the design and planning process to the final physical transformation of your space. 


Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Houston, TX

Since one of our specialties is outdoor kitchen installation, we know just how to design and build the most appealing and functional outdoor kitchen projects to match your home’s project.  Whether you are searching for a standard built-in grill counter installation or a fully customized outdoor kitchen pavilion to host large cookouts, give us a call. We have the right skills and tools needed to build custom spaces that will boost the entertaining area of your property while turning it into the favorite get-together spot for your family, friends, and neighbors.

Our outdoor kitchen designs feature everything that is necessary to cook whole meals, including charcoal and gas grills, pizza ovens, smokers, refrigerators, ice makers, warming drawers, sinks, and even built-in bars. We can add or remove elements to create a more functional space that matches your exact expectations. We can also fit low- or high-voltage lighting fixtures to keep the party going long after the sun has set. 

No outdoor kitchen space would be complete without the right flooring or decking option. We can assist you with top-quality natural stone and concrete flooring alternatives for at-grade kitchen spaces and natural stone, composite, or IPE decking solutions for raised outdoor kitchen spaces. Just let us know your plans and expectations and how much you are willing to spend to design and build your outdoor living space and we will quickly run down all the options and recommend the best solutions. 


Swimming Pool Landscaping Services Houston

We strongly believe swimming pool aea landscaping is one of the most important backyard transformation services in our portfolio. Our solutions feature anything from custom swimming pool area design, and installation of hardscape around the pool, to full pool area renovations, walkways building, and more. 

Get in touch with us to get your free, no-obligation pool landscape estimate and explore our best solutions. 


Custom Patios Installation & Maintenance Services in Houston

We can help change your dull backyard into a genuine outdoor retreat by building an attractive and fully-functional custom patio. We can help you increase the functionality of your home by adding your dream deck, a special walkway you have in mind, or by building pool surroundings. Our custom patios can include outdoor kitchen spaces to truly turn into a gathering place for your loved ones. Opt for an open patio if you do not mind the sun during the summer or choose a covered patio project and let us design and build a sturdy roof you wil be able to use during rain. The Custom Design & Build team in Houston also specializes in pergola and lattice top building so you can enjoy the added style and extra shade you are looking for.


Competitive Outdoor Living Space Prices Houston

Get your free price estimate from us and let us show you why we are the number one outdoor living space designer and builder in the Houston area. We charge the most affordable prices for our outdoor kitchen and pool area. Barbecue, patio, and paving services. We have the right people and the best materials to transform your dull outdoor space into an oasis for relaxation. Whether you need a classic design or an eye-catching, contemporary design, our innovative design concepts mixed with our detailed craftsmanship will boost the livability, beauty, and overall value of your property. 


Call now and schedule the best outdoor kitchen, patio, paving, pool, or barbecue area installation services in Houston!