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Home Additions Design & Building Services

Whether our family’s requirements have changed a lot over the past few years and you need to add an extra bedroom or build a second-story extension, you have reached the right place. We can assist you with any type of home additional services you may need. Whether you are determined to improve the infrastructure of your home as part of a simple home remodeling project or you need to accommodate more family members in your home, we are the people for the job.

Coast Design and Build specialize in the entire array of home additions design and building services in Houston. We cater to the needs of Houston residents in all local communities and neighborhoods with top workmanship and affordable prices. 

Why Choose Our Home Additions Experts?

No matter if you are looking for a contractor that can help you add an extra bedroom, office space, children’s room, or an entire story to your house, or you need to build a brand new garage to accommodate the new car or motorboat you have just purchased, give us a call. We have the right training, know-how, skills, and experience needed to design the best custom plans for your exact needs and put them to practice. 

Our experts will guide you every step of the way, from start to finish. Since we work with dependable home addition architects, engineers, and a variety of contractors, all your design goals will be perfectly met with us. We can closely follow your ideas and plans or create fresh, custom plans that would better fit your home’s structure and needs. We offer detailed and accurate home addition plans for the following options:

  • Family room or children’s playroom additions 
  • Home office
  • Second-story extension projects
  • Game room additions 
  • Sunroom additions 
  • Garage additions 
  • Basement Room Addition

We provide expert 3D modeling solutions along with 3D rendering and 3D walkthrough services for all types of home addition services and specific client needs. We can provide detailed floor plans using 2D and 3D technologies and generate architectural drawings for any home addition option. We can also provide you with additional home remodeling or home renovation ideas through our on-site architectural consultation solutions. Coast Design & Build also specializes in the development of home addition room designs that can be effectively coordinated with 3D CAD and BIM software. Our work also expands to helping you obtain the necessary building permits for your home addition building plans. 

Home Addition Services in Houston

No matter which planned communities or historic ward you might live in anywhere in the Houston area, we can build an extra space specifically tailored to match your exact needs and requirements. Whether you have taken up a new hobby and you need more room to put it into practice, you want a fresh gaming room for your children, or you need a new home office for your new work-at-home projects, let us give you a hand. 

Our solutions will not only bring you the extra convenience, functionality, and comfort you are looking for in your home, but they will also increase the value of your property. If you are looking to sell your house in the near future, a well-executed home addition building project will help you positively influence the market value of your house, since you will have the extra square footage to sell.

Our experts can also assist you with turning any space that is not currently used into a room you can either rent out or use on your own for guests or family members dropping by unexpectedly. For example, if you are not currently using your basement or attic space, give us a call and let us work out the best plan for creating a home addition for you there. 

Your Satisfaction, Our Goal

Our home addition services in Houston, TX primarily focus on our clients’ satisfaction. We guarantee you will always receive flawless services, the most convenient price estimates, top-quality construction materials, and realistic pictures of the finished projects via our advanced 3D visualization services. Our home additions will help accentuate the beautiful aesthetics of your home’s structure, while considerably boosting the value of the space and its functionality. We strongly believe that no matter if you are growing your family or enjoying a single lifestyle, there is rarely enough space to unwind, relax, play, or entertain your guests. We are here to make sure that you eliminate this problem by adding an extra room, annex, or space without having to deal with the stress of moving out. 

What Home Additions We Can Create for You

Coast Design & Build can provide you with a wide range of home addition options. During the 

initial consultation with our designers and contractors, we will go over your exact expectations and desires and develop them to help extend your home according to your plan. We can either build out a new room at ground level, build a space on top of your current rooms or build an extra unit that is completely detached from your main house.

While building out usually means limiting the available space for your yard, building up will actually save your footprint, since it will trigger fewer disruptions in the construction stages of the project. We can also provide you with media rooms, man caves, or build a brand new luxurious master suite for you. 

As prestigious and highly reliable room addition contractors serving the needs of people in the Houston area, we are here to provide you with the extra space you need. Give us a call today, get your free price quote from us and let us schedule a free appointment for you.