Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

If you are getting ready to finally hit the refresh button on your kitchen space, we warmly recommend you take a look at our list of common kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid.

Knowing what to be aware of and what to avoid doing will not only help you keep the stress to a minimum, but it should also save you precious time, money, and energy on additional repairs. 

Without further ado, here are some of the most common kitchen renovation mistakes you keep a close eye on.

Mistake #1: Failing to Make a Good Renovation/Remodeling Plan 

While you might have dozens of different ideas regarding the way your new kitchen cabinets should look, or where to add extra shelves or hang kitchen utensils, it is crucial to also have a clear plan on paper. Grab a pen, sit down, clear your head, and write down everything you have in mind for your kitchen remodeling project. 

Add all the necessary details including the type of construction materials you might need, any paint and special tools you need to buy, along with mini-size kitchen appliances, light fixtures, and decorations. Also take your time to truly consider your exact news, wants, and expectations at the end of the remodeling project. Make sure you understand what the rest of the household members would expect from the new kitchen space. It is essential that everyone is able to get the most out of the newly renovated room. If you cook on a daily basis, you may need to focus and invest more in better appliances and extra storage space. 

If the kitchen is the main go-to room for socializing and getting together with the family, or if your children use it to do their school projects, see that you have plenty of seating options. If your countertop space is not generous enough to fulfill those needs, make sure you add that to your plan. 

Mistake #2: Trying to Do It All Alone 

While there are plenty of DIY projects that you should have no problem taking on on your own, there are others that require exterior help. This may come from a family member, a neighbor, a friend, or a professional home remodeling service like the Coast Design & Build crew. 

Even if you plan on tackling the entire kitchen remodeling project on your own, it is a good idea to at least talk to a kitchen design expert prior to getting started. You will not only be given precious tips and pieces of advice about how to maximize space while minimizing your efforts, but you may also receive critical warnings. These may refer to anything from a structural wall you may plan to take down and which may wreak havoc on your home’s integrity to something else. Keep in mind some things are just better left in the hands of people who actually know what they are doing. Trying to save as much as you can by demolishing and building everything on your own could result in damage that will cost a lot more to fix later on. 

Mistake #3: You Are Overlooking Your Kitchen Storage Needs 

Never skip the details regarding your newly dedicated storage spaces in your freshly remodeled kitchen. There are many different types of storage add-ons and features to take into consideration. The list includes cabinet extensions, drawer dividers, lazy Susans, and pantry pullouts. They could all boost the storage efficiency inside your kitchen and save you from a lot of stress and hassle down the road. 

Mistake #4: You Are Giving up Countertop Space

The countertop space in your kitchen is by far one of the most important surfaces to keep a close eye on during any remodeling job. A common mistake many homeowners make is to overlook this space and settle for less than they actually need. We warmly recommend you extend your countertop workspace as much as possible. To do this, you can use a series of shelving supports and decorative corbels.

Mistake #5: Failing to Protect The Area 

If you also have to add fresh coats of paint to your kitchen walls or cabinets during the renovation, it is essential to properly protect the other rooms of the house and all non-related kitchen surfaces from dripping paint and specific paint debris. Rely on quality plastic sheeting, adhesive zippers, and poles loaded with springs to cover the floors and furniture, and thank yourself later. Fewer things are more stressful or annoying than having to clean up these areas once the painting is finished and the entire room is renovated.

Mistake #6: Going Over Your Initial Budget

Another common mistake many people tend to make when renovating their kitchen is failing to stay within their original budget lines. In the planning stages of the project, you should always agree on a budget and try to stick to it as the renovation is unfolding in time. If you discover that, for one reason or another, your initial budget will not suffice and you need to spend more to get everything done, you may need to give up on some of your plans. Always try to decide which features and changes are most important to you and distribute your finances accordingly. A kitchen will normally force you to spend around one-third of a standard remodel budget.

Final Thoughts

Try to always maximize your kitchen’s floor plan as much as possible when taking on a renovation project. Take advantage of the best storage solutions you can find for your kitchen and remember to stay within your budget. 

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