Exterior Paint Services in Houston 

A fresh coat of exterior paint on your house can truly work wonders on its aesthetics and curb appeal. Having an impeccable exterior paint job on your property can, however, be hard to achieve. Fading paint subject to the elements, improperly chosen colors, peeling paint, and a poor quality of the paint job itself can all wreak havoc on your exterior walls. In turn, this will automatically lower the market value of your home. 

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Why Hire Our Team?

Why Hire Our Team?


Painting Projets

We want to build you a Bdathroom that can perfectly match your style and reflect your personality while turning it into one of the most welcoming rooms in your home.


All Projects With Finesses

Our interior designers and general contractors are trained to finish all renovation projects with finesse. We always run that extra mile for our customers and make sure their unique, eclectic tastes and preferences are accurately reflected in their choice of flooring, countertops, or cabinetry.


We Do It All

Whether you are planning on turning a different room of the house into a bathroom and demolishing the old one, you want to merge two rooms and create a bigger space for your new bathroom.

Whether you are trying to increase your home’s curb appeal to sell your home or finish off a complete home renovation project with an exterior paint job, give us a call. Our contractors offer the number one painting services in Houston, Texas. They also cater to the needs of business owners looking for extensive exterior painting jobs for large commercial buildings. 

Coast Design & Build is the top-tier provider of Houston exterior paint services at affordable and competitive prices. By only working with high-quality painting products and expert painting techniques, we never stop exceeding the highest expectations of our residential and commercial customers. 


Exterior Paint Services We Offer

When you choose Coast Design & Build exterior painters for your house exterior painting needs, rest assured you will receive the highest quality paint job from an experienced, certified, and qualified team of painters. Our main goal is to always deliver flawless results and unforgettable painting experiences. We can tackle the painting for you, so you can go ahead and take care of the rest. If you want to learn more about our line of work, keep reading. If you need to immediately schedule an exterior painting job with us, give us a call. 


Our Exterior Painting Method

Our exterior painters have perfected an advanced exterior painting methodology that enables them to leave flawless results behind every time. First of all, we strongly believe in the idea of helping create living spaces that are truly enjoyable to live in for many years to come. For us, it’s not just another exterior paint job. It’s a fine art that we have refined over the years and that we cannot wait to share with you. 


Here are the main highlights of our process: 

We Estimate 

Once you will feel prepared to hire Coast Design & Build for your exterior house painting needs, we will send over an estimator. They will discuss your options with you and help you select the most suitable paint colors together with an expert color consultant. 

Our estimator will then proceed to offer a transparent and simplified estimate for the entire exterior paint job without leaving any extra charges or fees behind. Once all the details of the project will be thoroughly discussed, we will proceed to schedule the job as soon as possible. Next, you will receive the project’s timeline from the estimator. 

Since there are no two identical house painting projects out there, guesswork is replaced by in-person estimates. During these estimates, the estimator will also get a better understanding of the scope of the work. 


Exterior Wall Preparation

The Coast Design & Build crew fully acknowledges the importance of preparation to make sure the final paint job is top-notch. For this, we use a number of critical steps when preparing the surfaces. We start by carefully washing all surfaces in order to remove all traces of dirt, mold, or mildew. Next, we move on to scrape any visible paint that is hanging loose on the exterior walls, while scuffing and sanding all glossy areas. Finally, our experts fill all existing gaps using caulk to make sure no additional water intrusion will occur. 

The previous steps are always completed prior to the actual painting job being initiated. They are given a lot of attention and accurately communicated to you throughout the project. 


Painting and Cleaning

Once the preparation of all surfaces that require painting is done, the actual painting job can start. Our expert painters begin every exterior wall painting job by priming all areas to give the walls a perfect, uniform finish. Next, they paint all surfaces using your chosen paint colors. When necessary, a second coat is applied. At the end of each day, our technicians also thoroughly clean all paint brushes and tools in the proximity of your hose. Finally, they proceed to thoroughly inspect the paint job along your side to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the end result.


Zero Disruptions 

We struggle to keep any disruptions to your everyday life to a minimum while completing the chosen painting project. We can also work around your schedule provided you will not be home at the time when the exterior painting team will be at your address. Just give us a call and have our friendly customer support crew assist you with any problems or concerns you might have. 


Affordable Exterior Paint Prices in Houston

Both homeowners and business owners in the Houston areas, including all local communities and neighborhoods, can benefit from our state-of-the-art exterior paint projects. We offer free, transparent, and inclusive price estimates that you will have an easy time understanding. At the same time, we will fully comply with your initial budget and make sure to finish the job right on time, as scheduled.

Our enhanced attention to detail and need to maintain a clean and well-organized project environment recommend us as the number one exterior painting service in Houston. We guarantee that you are going to appreciate our affordable exterior paint prices the second you will get in touch with us. 



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