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If you are currently looking for the best concrete contractors in Houston to help you build the most appealing kitchen countertops, indoor or outdoor stairs, pavers, patios, or driveways, we are here to assist you. We provide custom solutions to a variety of concrete-related problems at affordable prices. 

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Why Hire Our Team?

Why Hire Our Concrete Team?​


Concrete Projets

We want to build you a Bdathroom that can perfectly match your style and reflect your personality while turning it into one of the most welcoming rooms in your home.


All Projects With Finesses

Our interior designers and general contractors are trained to finish all renovation projects with finesse. We always run that extra mile for our customers and make sure their unique, eclectic tastes and preferences are accurately reflected in their choice of flooring, countertops, or cabinetry.


We Do It All

Whether you are planning on turning a different room of the house into a bathroom and demolishing the old one, you want to merge two rooms and create a bigger space for your new bathroom.

Why Do You Need Concrete Services in Houston?

Concrete provides contractors with an almost endless number of possibilities when it comes to home design. As long as the correct application methods and admixtures are put to their best use, concrete can generate many different designs, shapes, colors, finishes, and patterns. Accordingly, a sea of possibilities opens up in front of homeowners and business managers looking for fresh remodeling solutions for their spaces. Concrete is also highly appreciated thanks to its sturdiness, timeliness, and eco-friendly features. 


Why Hire Our Concrete Contractors in Houston?

We Are Experienced & Offer Versatile Products 

We are a team of highly experienced, skilled, dedicated, and well-trained concrete contractors catering to the needs of people in the Houston area. We have the right know-how needed to offer sturdy, long-lasting, and highly sustainable concrete products. We service all neighborhoods and local communities with exemplary concrete services that include anything from concrete patio or stairs installation to kitchen countertop repairs and maintenance for pavers. 


We Know How to Handle Any Concrete Project 

We know the many different facets of performing concrete jobs in Houston and we know just how to tackle them to guarantee your satisfaction the first time around. This helps our technicians provide the best products and services that always meet and exceed all your expectations. We always assess your needs and determine the best solutions by first paying close attention to the overall climate and specific weather conditions in your area. This helps us select the most suitable tools and materials for the project. 


We Never Settle for Anything  Less Than Perfection  

Coast Design & Build is a highly reputable and trustworthy company that offers concrete services in the Texas areas for a variety of reasons. The main goal is that we never settle for less than a flawless concrete flooring or foundation project. We take great pride in the large amount of world-of-mouth, repeat, and referral business that we manage to attract periodically. For us, this speaks volumes about our company’s earned respect of the local the communities throughout the years.


We Can Make Your Dreams Come True 

Get in touch with us, tell us what your exact patio or pavers needs are and let us work our magic. Our skilled technicians will create the most suitable custom plans to perfectly match your requirements, no matter if you need help with an extended concrete foundation layout or you need to build an entire outdoor patio from scratch. He firmly stand behind all of our promises and we offer the most convenient concrete service prices while never skimping on quality. 


We Are Highly Flexible 

We understand just how versatile and advantageous concrete can truly be for any interior or exterior remodeling project at home or at your commercial space. Ranging from concrete resurfacing, concrete foundations, pavers, stars, and always, finishes made of decorative concrete, and an endless variety of custom concrete projects, there is nothing that we cannot do when it comes to concrete. 


Concrete Solutions for Interior Remodeling 

If you are searching for top-quality workmanship for an interior remodeling project that involves concrete, give us a call. We can cleverly and efficiently incorporate concrete in any number of ways while using your preferred patterns, colors, textures, and finishes. We can design, build, and install the most suitable columns, stairs, and countertops for your home or commercial space by using an almost endless number of molds and admixtures. We also rely on different types of concrete pouring methods that allow us to obtain almost any desired effect.

There are just a few of the most popular types of interior design concrete projects we are hired to do in Houston:

Concrete countertops. These countertops are normally made in just a single pour. This gives them a seamless look, with zero risks of water seeping into the regular joints and cracks found in countertops made from other materials. Concrete countertops can also take any shape number by using custom molds. If you are also interested in a built-in soap dish, dish drain, or trivet, we can also assist you. 

Concrete kitchen sinks. These models require very little maintenance and they are long-wearing and will perfectly blend with almost any home design. A concrete sink will also retain heat and do a good job of dampening the loud noise made by garbage disposals.

Concrete fireplace mantels. We can stamp your fireplace mantle and make it look like stone or brick. We can also leave it as a solid piece and stain it to add a more dramatic look. Concrete fireplace mantels are known to retain heat and gradually release it in time. This means you will benefit from a warmer indoor temperature for a longer time, even after the fire has died out. 

Concrete floors. These are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain and can add a lot of functionality to any space. They withstand scuffing and scratching and they can be decorated with colored dyes. Our technicians can also embed different materials to add fresh textures, colors, or patterns for completely unique flooring projects.

Concrete bathroom tubs. We handle anything from small Japanese soaking concrete tubs to larger models that can accommodate two people. 

Concrete shower floors and walls. Get rid of pesky tile and grout scrubbing with concrete walls and floors in the shower area. We can create troweled-on concrete projects for your bathroom for seamless and completely waterproof shower basins and stalls. 


Exterior Remodeling Projects That Use Concrete 

The resourcefulness of concrete is also visible through exterior projects. There, concrete is used for building retaining walls, pool decks, slab foundations, patios, fountain areas, outdoor kitchens, walkways, and anything else you might have in mind. Again, with the help of the right concrete molding and pouring methods and aggregates, our concrete service contractors can generate the desired aesthetics for your outdoor living space.


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