Affordable Kitchen Remodel Ideas – Ready for the Ultimate Glam-Up?

If you are currently looking for the most inexpensive ways of giving your old and dull kitchen a fresh face and more functionality, keep reading. Our expert remodeling contractors know all the ins and outs of building your dream kitchen while on a limited budget. To come to your help, they prepared a brief guide to glamming up any kitchen with both classic and modern-day remodeling and design elements. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Maximize All Spaces Inside Your Kitchen 

If you are trying to give your cooking sanctuary more functionality and better aesthetics, you should start with the space problem. Namely, if your kitchen is rather small and you feel like you could use some extra space to move around or store more items, let your creativity run loose. Take a look at those unused spaces that you have been neglecting over the years. It could be anything from an unused corner space that you could turn into a sitting area or a side wall space that you can decorate with a sitting bench for extra functionality. 

You could also maximize the space inside your kitchen by installing low and shallow shelves over the countertop, fitting dish racks on your walls, and replacing your full-size kitchen appliances with mini-size versions that take up less space. You could also consider hanging your cooking essentials and buying a folding table that also comes with storage space.

Add Extra Lights

The key to any good kitchen remodeling job is to considerably improve the aesthetics while keeping your costs at a minimum. What better way to accomplish this than by adding a few extra lights to create a more dramatic, cozy, or warm and inviting atmosphere inside your kitchen? You can play around with a few options and consider adding dimmers or under-cabinet lighting or fresh ceiling lights and stylish mini pendants with a metallic finish to give the room a completely new design and feel.

Install a Sliding Door Pantry

By having a sliding door pantry fitted into your kitchen, you will benefit from additional space for extra functionality, while also giving your kitchen a fresh look. Not to mention how easy it will be to grab your snacks on the go! Pantries with sliding doors are some of the most affordable and innovative ways of remodeling your kitchen, especially when paired with hollow-core doors and traditional-style hardware kits.

Add New Veneers to Your Kitchen Cabinets 

Also known as refacing, this procedure means installing new veneers to the exterior of your kitchen cabinet boxes and replacing the old doors and fronts of drawers. The process in itself might be more difficult to tackle on your own, as it requires the use of complex tools and procedures that not all DIY homeowners might possess. However, with a little side help from our trustworthy and affordable home remodeling experts, you could be soon enjoying your fresh kitchen cabinets without spending a small fortune on new cabinets. 

In addition to adding new faces to your cabinets, you could also consider replacing the old and dull-lucky or broken knobs and handles with brand new sets. Good working hardware inside your kitchen is a must, with the added advantage that it will also freshen up the overall design of the room. 

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

While we are still on the topic, we also recommend you to have old kitchen cabinets painted, if you are not prepared to invest in new cabinets. A fresh coat of paint or a brand new color or even added designs will nicely update your cabinets while keeping your expenses to a minimum. Please keep in mind you need to sand and prime your cabinets before proceeding to paint them with your chosen shade. The process can, however, take up a lot of your time, especially for a kitchen with a large number of cabinets. If you need some additional help with your cabinets or you are determined it is time to design some custom cabinets, we are here to assist you with quality services at affordable prices. 

Build and Set Up a Frame Around Your Refrigerator

Another clever way of leveling up the design of your kitchen is to build and install a frame around the refrigerator. The new frame usually consists of some cabinet-grade plywood and it is a good way of refacing kitchen cabinets for a more modern or trendy look.   

Install a More Functional Kitchen Sink

Since the sink is one of the most important parts of any kitchen, you could consider investing in a brand new design with added functionality. You could focus on stainless steel and a high-arc spout faucet that can rotate 360 degrees with a pull-down spray. The pulldown spray should significantly simplify the rinsing of dishes. Keep in mind you can customize the silk and make it match your kitchen cabinets’ new aesthetics and colors. 

Final Thoughts 

With an endless number of options and alternatives for remodeling your kitchen with or without professional help from specialized remodeling companies, it can be hard to make a decision. However, if you already have a new style and fresh aesthetics in mind and you know what you need to improve and how to give it a go. A simple DIY kitchen remodeling project will save you money and help you build a more functional and appealing kitchen that will increase the market value of your home. For additional kitchen remodeling ideas or a  full-service kitchen renovation project executed by our professional contractors, get in touch with us today. 

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