5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Need to Know Now

If you are determined to give your bathroom a complete makeover or you are solely looking for some fresh remodeling ideas on a budget, the Coast Design & Build team is here to assist you. We know exactly what is trending right now and we also know what are the most common mistakes made by lots of homeowners taking on bathroom do-it-yourself remodeling projects. We are ready to share some of our insights with you and make sure your end result will be a 

a thoughtfully designed bathroom that can meet all your needs. 

With an almost list of things to consider when remodeling a bathroom, our technicians have narrowed it down to just a few of the most important considerations. Please refer to the following tips while getting ready to complete a successful bathroom remodel project. 

Tip #1: Set Up a Budget and Stick to It 

Renovating your bathroom is an excellent way of increasing the market value of your property while creating your own sanctuary for relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day. If you already know what kind of style and design to opt for, you probably know how much it will cost. If you haven’t had the chance to sit down and do all the math yet, or you simply do not know what to include in your project, this right here is your sign to create a budget. Without the right budget to keep you focused, the costs of your bathroom remodel could easily spiral.

What you could do is visit a few custom building shops or go online and check out a few affordable custom bathroom remodeling services. This will help you set up a realistic budget, especially if you decide to opt for a remodeling service like ours. If you are determined to only use higher-end building materials for your new bathroom, you will need to make sure everything is factored in accordingly. 

Tip #2: Select Your Bathroom Type and Style

If you are still looking for the right style, design, type, layout, and size for your new bathroom, start by finding plenty of sources of inspiration. If a standard bathroom style with a bath, sink, toilet, and walk-in shower is what interest you the most, look into standard bathroom remodeling ideas online. 

If you are more interested in a master en-suite bathroom that has the majority of standard bathroom features that can also be accessed through the master bedroom, you could create a luxurious spa-like bathroom. For such a project, you are going to need to install fresh skylights, a steam shower, and a soaking tub or a hot tub. You could also consider building an extra master bathroom in case you do not already have one that you can renovate. The advantage of such a room is that it can considerably free up your standard bath used by the entire family in the morning, thus eliminating long lines and saving you precious time.

Tip #3: Build a Half Bath

Powder rooms are also known as half baths and they are small spaces that only feature a toilet and a sink. If you live in an older Houston home with a single full bath, you could significantly improve your life by building a half bath. Having guests over in a home with a half bath will mean preventing them from invading your personal bathroom space by using the half bath.

The good news is that half baths are very small in size and they do not require a large footprint. You should have no problem fitting such a room in an extremely tight spot such as a closet you do no longer need to use or a corner you are not putting to use. Half baths are excellent ways of increasing the market value of your home while simplifying your existence, especially when having guests over. 

Tip #4: Prepare the Layout

If you know exactly what style you would like for your new bathroom, you should move on to the layout. Depending on the size and shape of the new bathroom, you should establish what the payout of the room should be. In most cases, you will not want to change the existing layout of the room during your remodel project. However, keep in mind that deciding to rearrange the walls or plumbing fixtures will automatically cause the costs to go up. If the existing layout doesn’t match your new plans, you might want to consult with a professional bathroom remodeling expert to learn how to keep the costs to a minimum.

Tip #5: Artificial Lights 

Look for good artificial lights for your fresh bathroom and try to think in terms of layers. For example, you could consider recessed LEDs you can control with the help of a dimmer switch for excellent ambient light. Pay attention to overhead lights that might cast some unaesthetic shadows on your face. Instead, opt for soft lights you can layer at head level. While certain vanity models feature their own built-in lighting, you may choose to have your own lighting fitted. Just be sure to avoid harsh sources of light as a general rule of thumb. 

Final Thoughts

There are many things to consider when preparing a new bathroom remodeling project. When in doubt, make sure to consult with a professional bathroom remodeling service or hire expert help to give you a hand.

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